UEFA Euro 2020™ Official Preview Sticker Collection

The exclusive UEFA Euro 2020™ Official Preview Sticker Collection from Panini

Sport is in Panini’s DNA and our greatest source of inspiration and enjoyment. With so many of our sporting fixtures being postponed, we’re providing our fan base with something to occupy their time and get the whole family involved.
The UEFA Euro 2020™ tournament, initially scheduled for this summer, is one of those sporting events being postponed.  Encouraged by many of our regular collectors from numerous parts of the globe, Panini have not abandoned their plans completely. Of course, Panini will look forward to developing a collectable program around the UEFA Euro 2020™ next summer when they will be restaged, but meanwhile have developed a special Preview Sticker Album to keep sticker enthusiasts occupied!
The Preview album is a full 72-page football sticker album containing all of the already-qualified teams as well as an introduction to the 16 nations that are waiting to take part in the postponed play-offs.

There are 568 stickers to collect and get fans and collectors excited for one of the major events in the footballing calendar. There are 28 stickers dedicated to each team which include 23 head and shoulders player images. There are also a bunch of special stickers for collectors to keep their eyes peeled for.