FORTNITE™ RELOADED Official Trading Cards

Calling all Fortnite fans: get ready! The brand-new official Fortnite RELOADED trading card collection has arrived!

Panini brings together all the thrills and action of the online video game in this unmissable collection.

What’s inside?

315 cards, including 250 regular cards + 65 special cards!


- Rarity cards: check out the outfits from all rarities!
- Set cards: showing the main items belonging to the same set!
- Event cards: relive the best challenges, Battle Pass and events!

Special cards include:

- GLOWIN’ CARDS (outfits that glow in the dark!)
- POSTER CARDS (loading screens printed on rainbow foil!)
- MOVIN’ CARDS (move the card and the image moves too!)

Have fun collecting and trading!

Available now!

Booster packs contain 8 cards.

Fat Packs contain 26 cards.

Mega Tins contain 6 booster packs + 3 special cards.

Pocket Tins contain 3 booster packs.

Starter Packs contain a Collector’s Binder + 3 booster packs.

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